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Concrete Grinding BrisbaneC&S Floor Prep can provide clients all over Brisbane and surrounding areas with a concrete grinding service that stands out from the rest. Whether you require additional diamond floor grinding or assistance with concrete resurfacing and repair, we can assist you quickly and affordably.

What is concrete grinding and why do I need it?

All floor coverings such as timber, tiles and vinyl, require a smooth surface to stick to, and if the surface is concrete, it will need to be clean and even before you begin. A failure to provide these conditions can compromise how well your floor covering adheres to the surface, and how long it will last.

Concrete Grinding BrisbaneConcrete grinding is the process of smoothing and cleaning a concrete surface or slab of residual waterproofing membranes, adhesives and paints.  It’s essential that concrete is grinded prior to the application of any kind of coating, as any residual contaminants can compromise the floor’s structure.

Concrete grinding can also be used to level slabs and remove uneven and jagged sections.  C&S Floor Prep uses machinery with diamond disks for the job that allows for unrivalled results.

Why choose C&S Floor Prepto complete your concrete grinding process?

Weunderstand that concrete diamond grinding is one of the most important floor preparation methods, and therefore it requires an experienced hand and advanced technique. To get the best results, we use complex equipment and machines that both minimise and extract dust.

We are experienced in all areas of floor preparation, so if you require the removal of tiles, floor stripping on top of your concrete grinding needs. We can complete all of this for you reducing the stress of hiring multiple companies and overall cost.

Concrete Grinding BrisbaneWith C&S Floor Prep we will complete each step methodically, with the end result in mind throughout the process.  While a completely dust free concrete grinding experience is not possible, our gentle approach and the use of the latest dust extraction attachments, will ensure that as little dust as possible is generated.

For more information on our concrete diamond grinding services, contact us today on 0404 577 107.

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